Foreclosure Nation – Redux

This is, of course, entirely predictable.  If you’ve been paying attention.

After all, why did people’s homes go into foreclosure in the first place?  Because for whatever reason they weren’t paying their monthly bankster tribute.  Usually this is because they are unable to, or feel they are.  And “usually” is to understate pretty dramatically.

What, if anything, has changed such that people who a couple of years ago could not (or felt they could not) pay their monthly nut now feel differently and are flush with cash?


So the “forebearance” has run its course and the relentless “process” resumes, making people homeless.  Including children.  And people are up in arms over all this because they have seen countless news stories – in print, and on the nation’s airwaves – showing this devastating humanitarian crisis afflicting their neighbors.

Okay, that’s not true.  Nobody’s up in arms over it and the media such as they are don’t report it, if they’re even aware of it, which they probably aren’t because they are busy with all the toadying.  But just because a disaster doesn’t make “news” doesn’t mean we don’t have a disaster on our hands.

It wasn’t long after I started this blog, way back in 2010, that I tossed off some thoughts about the whole foreclosure thing.  I noted how weird things were getting and how there was no end, and no solution, in sight.  I’ve come back to the issueOftenReally often.

Of course, it’s hard to get above the ambient noise.



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3 responses to “Foreclosure Nation – Redux

  1. Benjamin Lewis

    As I read the referenced article, foreclosures are decreasing and are nearly back to the levels from before the real-estate bubble burst but you seem to be saying the opposite in your post. Have I misunderstood either your post or the CNN article?


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