Theme Of The Day (Updated)

This is true terror:  being right when everyone else is wrong, and not only wrong but invested in being wrong.

Echoing Voltaire, Szasz recalled the doctor’s tragic life in an autobiographical sketch in 2004:

“It taught me, at an early age, the lesson that it can be dangerous to be wrong, but, to be right, when society regards the majority’s falsehood as truth, could be fatal. This principle is especially true with respect to false truths that form an important part of an entire society’s belief system. In the past, such basic false truths were religious in nature. In the modern world, they are medical and political in nature.”

In related news, somehow an Illinois man surived thirteen years in prison after having been convicted of a murder he did not commit.  Note the compensation he’ll get from Illinois:  $175,000.

About $13,000 per year.

Also disturbing:  it’s a pretty minor news story.  Can anyone explain to me why the Boston bombing of a week ago was so incredibly huge and this story, while covered, is so minor by comparison?  It’s not that I think they should be equally prominent, but doesn’t the actual disparity seem wildly disproportionate?

Update:  43 years. Jesus


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