Seen In An Article

about a rather ill-fated robbery attempt upon Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams – who is 6′-7″ and 320+ pounds – in the comments section:

Do yourself a favor…conceal carry and end the lives of those who think what
you have worked so hard for should be theirs…

How to begin?

I’m in favor of concealed carry, I guess.  I don’t see laws against carrying guns doing much good.  The people you’re primarily targeting with such a law don’t care about the law.  So it’s all a bit silly.

I’m in favor of the right to property, and I agree how important it is to respect others’ property, and that the forcible taking of someone else’s property – robbery – is properly a felony.  I also admire hard work and effort as much as the next guy.  Probably more.  I am constrained to add, however, that someone might have property and not “worked hard” for it.  Maybe they just inherited it and didn’t work for it at all.  It’s still their property.  Property rights are not subject to the whims of the “worked so hard for it” police.

I agree that everyone is entitled to protect themselves and their property, up to and including using deadly force in appropriate circumstances, appropriate circumstances being what is called, you know, a significant qualification.

I emphatically disagree that the penalty for robbery should be death.  That is ludicrously unjust and uncivilized.  Someone rightfully defending themselves or their property from robbery might kill in the course of so doing, but that certainly shouldn’t be the intent, and if it happens anyway it is hardly a cause for celebration and high-fiving.  Ugh.

Thus while I don’t know that there’s anything to be done, law-wise, about it, I think the commenter, based on that comment alone, is unbalanced and doesn’t have the judgment or restraint to be trusted with a gun.

This particular robbery became national news because the would-be victim was a monstrous NFL lineman, an amusingly unlucky selection by the robbers involved.  That’s all.  It’s a stretch to twist it into an occasion for climbing up on one’s soap-box to spout off about the virtues of “concealed carry”, and those who do, especially in the crude manner the commenter did, are doing that cause no favors.

To me that was a mildly amusing and overall happy ending story:  the NFL player apparently had a minor injury and will continue his life and career with hardly a blip as a result; the robbers left a cell phone at the scene and will probably be caught; and nobody ended up dead on the pavement, including the robbers.  I can’t imagine that anyone would think this would be a happier story if someone had wound up dead on the pavement, but evidently there are some people who do.

That is the sad part of this story.


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