Michael McFatridge = Tom Moran: The “Rogue Prosecutor” Gallery

You can review/read about Tom Moran here.

Mr. McFatridge’s very similar story is pretty well set forth here.

At least they haven’t made McFatridge a judge yet, although he does have a pretty good “AWO” rating (No misconduct found!! LOL!!) and apparently still works for the government – now the federal government in the Department of Veteran’s affairs, where he is no doubt fabricating evidence in order to deny veterans their benefits.

Ugh.  Our profession is seriously, seriously fucked up.

And so are the media.  McFatridge, no less than Moran, should be as infamous as Nifong, but there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for him.  Why is that?  Is what he did so unimportant that it doesn’t even rate a mention in Wikipedia?  Or is it just who he did it to?

Or is it that the media feel they were burned and learned their lesson on the Nifong thing – since they were originally so solidly behind him – and their solution is to bury similar stories?

Make no mistake, there’s something seriously wrong with the fourth estate, too.



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Filed under Media incompetence/bias, wrongful convictions

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