Bad Judgment

This is a mistake.  A rather serious one.

Briefly, a video of an arrest went ‘viral’ inasmuch as it depicted the arrest of a black woman, allegedly pregnant, by a white police officer in which the officer used a lot of force, such as striking the woman in the head, though not inflicting any significant injury so far as I know.

My own opinion?  The woman was out of line and would not calm down and was creating a disturbance and interfering with officers who were attempting to effectuate an arrest on the woman’s brother.  I think the officer was not justified in striking her in the head but on the other hand that’s a quibble, so long as no real harm was done and it appears no real harm was done.

Now that everyone has calmed down I suppose there have to be some charges to be dealt with but frankly I would rather in these situations that the charges are dropped.  But typically, if they are not dropped then the woman would be facing disorderly conduct charges (a non-criminal offense) or maybe misdemeanor obstructing governmental administration (OGA).

But apparently because there was video and the video generated a lot of heat the DA’s office has responded by seeking and obtaining an indictment that includes two felonies.  This is stupid.  However messy it may have been, the situation was defused and nobody caused any real harm – including the arrested woman.  Charging her with felonies is unjust, and simply pours fuel on a fire that had already been put out but was still smoldering.

Over-the-top power plays are juvenile and destructive:  even if they ‘succeed’ they demonstrate nothing other than “I have more power than you.” and plant the seeds for further trouble.

Being right and having power are not the same thing.  Too many people fail to appreciate this, and too many of them are police and prosecutors.  They need training.  Apparently lots of it.


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