Middle East Truth (Updated)(Corrected)

From the Jerusalem Post:  contrary to the opinion of many, the recent Syria-Iran crisis was driven not by Israel, but by …. Saudi Arabia.

That doesn’t make it any less serious or important – or more, for that matter.  But it does mean that blaming Israel for that particular problem, as many people do, is simply unfair and probably motivated by something else.

UpdateThis is a big deal.  I mean, in the old days breaking off diplomatic relations was a prelude to war.  I don’t imagine we’re going to war with Saudi Arabia anytime soon, but they are obviously very, very distressed at their relationship with the US at this point.

I would normally tend to blame Obama and call him incompetent for screwing up our relations with an important ally.  And Saudi Arabia has been an important ally.  But on the other hand any idea that they can single-handedly involve the United States and much of the rest of the world in a Syrian civil war – and from there a probably war with Iran – at some point had to be met with a firm “no”, and if the price of that is upsetting them so much that they pull a stunt like this, I’m afraid the only response to that must be “so be it”.

Update 2:  As of noon, no major American news outlets had yet reported this unquestionably major story.  The link is, of course, from a British tabloid.  Hmmm.

Correction:  If Saudi Arabia had recalled its ambassador from Washington and so on, it would have been confirmed somewhere, by someone, by now.  So it seems the British tabloid was just playing fast and loose with language in a headline, not reporting a real news event.

Sorry.  We here at Lawyers on Strike regret the error.


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