Murdered Inmate

Another New York inmate “found” dead in his cell.  Not a drug overdose this time, but a murder, and this one not at Attica, but at Five Points Correctional Facility in Seneca County.

Probably Seneca County’s biggest employer.

Because the 24 year old man was an inmate and a “criminal”, many people feel free to believe that his death was his own fault, because of “poor choices” and what not.  Check the comments.  The internet has done humanity a great service by bringing these sentiments out into the open where they can be seen in all their barbaric ugliness.  It goes without saying that those making the comments – anonymously – are prison guards and cops.

“Poor choices” ranks right up there with “There’s two sides to every story” as a sure marker of law enforcement group think.

I don’t think the intentional killing of a 24 year old man should properly elicit anything but lamentations, even if in some sense it was deserved or brought about through his own conduct.

But let’s be very clear about something:  the New York State Department of Corrections took this man into custody to administer punishment to him for a crime he committed.  That punishment did not include death, and the better view is that the State is strictly liable if they do not return him alive when they are done with him.  This man’s death was not his own fault by any sane idea of right and wrong.

In this case, they were supposed to have been done with him after three years at the most.  When he would have been 27 or so.

Then again, some people are thoroughly convinced that they always know what is right and what is wrong, such as commenter Jamal Kenny:

Quite a few burglars can fit into this man’s category. It’s a parent’s job to instill in a child moral values. Don’t tell me how much you cared for him if you never taught him right from wrong.

Ugh.  What a depressing and oppressive view of people and the world some law enforcement types have.


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