Amanda Knox – Good Quote

This is not conclusive or even all that probative of much of anything, but at least in my experience this is the kind of thing innocent people say:

The only thing I can do is testify to what happened to me. You don’t have to believe me, but believe that it happens to other people. Until people realise that, they’re not going to believe me, so all I can do is say what happened and show who I am and hope that that’s enough.”

From an interview with Knox appearing in the UK’s Guardian.

Some people rise to the occasion of the unspeakable misfortune of being wrongfully accused.  Or worse, wrongfully convicted, imprisoned, etc.

It takes strength of character to formulate an argument where you acknowledge other people’s misfortunes before your own.



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3 responses to “Amanda Knox – Good Quote

  1. Cinnamon

    I really hope that poor girl doesn’t face extradition. Do you think that’s possible, despite the fact that she did not face a fair trial? Members of the jury were literally falling asleep during the Defence presentation during the initial trial, as they had already made up their minds. How can that possibly indicate a level playing field? I hope the US Secretary of State realises that when making his decision.


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