Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 – UFO’s, Wormholes, Bermuda-East Triangle, Etc. (Updated)(x4)

Actually, I am agnostic on the very existence of aliens from another world or wormholes or that kind of thing, but you have to start considering some pretty bizarre scenarios at this point.

I’m probably a little more knowledgeable than most people (hardly an ‘expert’, but a little more knowledgeable) about aircraft and the communications type stuff involved.  You know, US Navy and all.

So, I think what might be perplexing a lot of folks right now is….there are almost no non-supernatural/extra-terrestrial  scenarios that fit, other than maybe some highly skilled pilot-hijacker who could basically shut off all the automatic signaling devices, like the IFF transponder, fly under the radar coverage, evade satellite detection and land the plane in some pre-determined location where it can be quickly hidden.

Of course, that would mean there are 239 people to account for and no one’s demanding ransom so far as we know.

So in other words, the one natural, same-dimension-as-the-rest-of-us scenario that might fit seems so unlikely that I, at least, don’t believe it.  Then again, if you had told me that a 777 jetliner could have any kind of accident – mid-air, over water or over land without some indication something had gone wrong – a distress call, an explosion detected by someone – and that even if this had happened no one would find any trace of the plane for almost a week, I would have said that was a practical impossibility, too.  There is just too much stuff on an airplane that squawks no matter what happens, the whole idea being that if some sudden catastrophe takes place you’re still going to find what’s left in fairly short order.  Even with AirFrance 447 in ’09 they found debris after a couple of days and that was pretty much over the middle of the Atlantic, which is way more remote than the anything on the flight path of this one.

As a practical matter, the longer it goes with no trace of anything, the less chance anything is going to be “found” – like debris, other than the “black box” which has a beacon that can’t possibly have stopped working.

So in other words: 

     1.  The highly skilled pilot-hijacker scenario is so unlikely I don’t believe it.  

     2.  The absence of any evidence at all after almost a week that the plane has been destroyed or crashed through a bomb or some natural catastrophe leads to, at the very least, significant doubt that either of those things actually occurred.

That leaves as wide an opening for some sort of paranormal/supernatural occurrence as you’re ever going to get.  Right?  Or am I wrong?

Thoughts/opinions appreciated.

Update:  Well, there’s been quite a bit of information since I posted this, so I think I should address the matter again.

Now, I found the skilled hijacker scenario unbelievable, but since I wrote that it appears that certain of the automated communications devices were deliberately disabled (but not all of them) and so now we must re-evaluate.  Also, it appears that the plane was deliberately diverted westward and flew pretty close to the point that its fuel would have run out, and maybe it did run out of fuel and crash into the Indian Ocean, although you’d think someone would have found something by now.

So at this point the skilled hijacker scenario has legs.  But it also has some problems. 

As for “legs”, there is a fairly believable scenario at this juncture.  The plane was hijacked by a skilled hijacker, the pilot(s) did what they could to avoid endangering anyone else or helping the hijackers to complete their mission, and they were somewhat successful in that the plane never reached its hijacked destination and either ran out of fuel over the Indian Ocean or perhaps there was some kind of altercation in the cockpit and in the melee the plane was crashed into the sea.  Or perhaps the hijackers blew it up mid-air, in which case it wasn’t so much a hijacking as a terrorist act like 9-11.

Of course if any of that happened search parties should find something soon.  Something.  So the jury’s out on a crash scenario of any kind, hijacker or no.

But going a little further with the hijacking scenario, you can’t rule out yet that the plane was landed somewhere.  If the hijacker was skilled enough to disable so many systems that would have tipped off authorities, he would also be skilled enough not to just crash the plane but to deliver it to wherever it was that he was supposed to be hijacking it to, and skilled enough to hide it once he got it there.

Yet another scenario is that one or both of the pilots are the “hijackers”, with some mysterious agenda that at this point it’s very difficult for me to fathom. 

In any scenario that does not involve a crash, of course, there are 239 people to be accounted for.  Let’s not forget that.  Ugh.

Finally, until search and rescue finds something – anything – UFO’s and Wormholes or some other supernatural cause are not off the table.  If you don’t rule that out in advance because you can’t accept something like that, that is.

Update 2:  As some on twitter have noted – and which I had forgotten about, oddly enough – there is a US Naval Air Station at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and I’m sure a 777 could land there, if indeed it could make it that far, though I don’t know whether it could or not.

That puts the US Government in the cross hairs of the usual conspiracy theory suspects, of course.  Not that I’m buying anything like that, mind you.

Then again, could Diego Garcia have been the target in a 9-11 type suicide mission that failed?

Update 3This is a good article, via CNN.

Our previous consideration of supernatural causes, never really too heavy, has been pushed to the outer margins at this point.  Actually it really belonged out there as soon as it became apparent that transponders and other auto-communnications devices were deliberately disabled.

There’s a lot of focus on the pilot and co-pilot right now, as in some kind of pilot suicide.  While I realize this kind of thing has happened (very rarely) before, there would have to be some really good evidence to convince me that either one of those guys did this.  It is likely they would both have had to be in on it.  Very hard to swallow that one.

Most plausible to me at the moment?  A hijacking.  A sophisticated hijacker, perhaps bent on a suicide mission to crash the plane into the Diego Garcia US Naval Base.  Similar to the 9-11 style of attack, turning a commercial airliner into a missile.  Lots of innocent people terrorized and killed.

The two pilots may have foiled the effort and crashed the plane in the attempt, perhaps deliberately running out of fuel or something.

Some people are still thinking the plane landed somewhere, but while I suppose that’s possible – just barely – I can’t see it as having any likelihood given all the other evidence.  As between that and the pilot-suicide scenario, I’d opt for the latter, and I just find that one too hard to accept at this point.

Update 4So here’s a pilot writing on saying that the Boeing 777 can essentially fly itself, even with auto-pilot off, for a good long ways and that some of the manuevering that has been alluded to in other reports is consistent with such a scenario.  This lends plausibility to the “sudden, catastrophic decompression” scenario in which everyone on the plane is more or less instantly knocked out.

Ugh.  11 days later and things are just as confused as they were at the beginning.  For a while there it seemed that a deliberate act, such as a hijacking, was a certainty.  No longer.

A very tragic situation for anyone who had a loved one onboard. 

Honestly, I don’t see much point in speculating further.  If they don’t find the aircraft – and it appears we may never find it – it’s just going to remain very much a mystery.

The black box emits a signal and remains active for about 30 days.  If the plane is underwater, that is.  But of course like everything else we don’t know that one way or the other, either.




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16 responses to “Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 – UFO’s, Wormholes, Bermuda-East Triangle, Etc. (Updated)(x4)

  1. Tim

    Perhaps you might want to have a look at this video.

    A coherent theory on what may have happened to this plane is covered in the discussion of the various disappearances that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle area, and elsewhere. In short, Physical reality is but one plane of reality, and the other planes of reality (or dimensions, or whatever you want to call them) are numerous, and inaccessible by normal means. It is only when there is a rift/wormhole/anomaly that these dimensions become accessible from physical reality. In the case of the Bermuda Triangle, it is postulated that the city of Atlantis existed in that physical location in this dimension, but its essence and inhabitants existed in the higher dimensions and realms of consciousness, hence why we have never been able to find remnants of buildings or physical things other than the land mass underwater. What was left behind after it fell? Well…if it truly did exist in the higher dimensions but was rooted in this one and had a portion of its reality set in physical reality, then there would have to have been some kind of bridge between the dimensions. Perhaps that is why there are so many strange occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle that seemingly violate the laws of physics and conflict with our current single-dimensional understanding of the physical universe…and why entire vessels and people just seem to…dissapear and vanish from existence. They must be somehow crossing into those other planes of reality. Nothing else makes any sense, or we would have found something, as you point out. But we have found nothing.


    • Well, I don’t want to run too far with the supernatural idea yet. I suppose the search and rescue effort could have been misled from the start, now it looks like they’re thinking about the Indian Ocean.

      What if the autopilot or onboard computer ordered a course change and none of the crew picked up on it until they were hundreds of miles off course? Iohno. Still, somebody would have radioed, the IFF transponder would still have been working.

      It just makes no sense at this point.


  2. Jim

    I think they’ll eventually discover the wreckage. Probably in a jungle-like setting which is obscuring most of the wreckage. Usually the simplest answer is the correct answer in a mystery.


  3. For my part, I’m running with the supernatural idea until a more rational explanation surfaces – if it does.
    I think connecting with the passengers in meditation or a contemplative state, and sending prayers, would be beneficial all around.


    • Well, that’s certainly one way to approach this. Meanwhile, CNN reports that the plane may have landed on some island in the Indian Ocean, lending support to the deliberate hijacking idea, which I still find very far-fetched. I mean, what are they doing with 239 people? Why haven’t they contacted anyone to demand ransom (no pun intended, Jenifer) or something? What is the purpose of such a stunt?

      Someone suggested a sudden (instantaneous?) decompression knocking everyone out, then I guess the 777 flies itself for a few hours before plunging into the sea. So, all those oxygen masks deploy and no one manages to stay awake? Just can’t buy that one.

      In any case it sure is bizarre.


  4. Yes, very Twilight Zone-ish. Someone posted this on Facebook. As a Navy guy, would you say this is credible?

    On the March 13th Piers Morgan show, airplane accident investigator David Soucie had an insightful comment: The Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) can be deactivated only by turning off two separate switches, one of which is generally unknown to pilots. So, in all probability, MH370 was a sophisticated hijacking with a single glitch — the second ACARS switch was not turned off, allowing continuing MH370-satellite communications. The sophistication of the hijacking makes probable that MH370 landed safely at some unknown location. The motive? Unclear at present, but the hijacking likely involves a rogue organization or government.


    • Yes it’s credible, but of course it generates at least as many questions as it answers: if this was a hijacking – and a ‘sophisticated’ hijacking, no less – what about the 239 people?

      Also, amid these reports about the satellite pings placing the plane over the Indian Ocean, one report I saw said the plane’s last ping indicated an altitude of 35,000 feet. Obviously, a lot must have happened after that – or at any rate, something catastrophic – but we have no information about what that might have been.

      So you know I’m still pretty befuddled about this and I think a lot of others are. Cause we don’t talk about UFO’s very much over here at Lawyers on Strike.


  5. This was an elaborate hoax to keep Piers Morgan on CNN.


  6. Well, I like it that you are open to the “supernatural” conclusion, JMRJ. As things are now, all we can do is speculate. I’m reminded of this from physicist Fred Alan Wolf: “The important thing is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.” And, Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So let us imagine the best possible outcome for Flight 370, however we see that happening.


  7. Post is updated, for those of you who remain interested.


  8. Whether or not one buys into what is said here, (keeping an open mind myself), I don’t think we can argue with the conclusion that the strongest action we can take is to collectively envision the plane returning and the passengers alive and well. Let’s see what our imaginations can do!


  9. Andrew Whittle

    No one has excepted that this plane has gone through a space wormhole and UFO have something too do with this, and the governments are keeping tight lip. This is just the start?.


    • To be fair to myself, I suggested some other-worldly scenarios with this post when there didn’t seem to be any indication of a hijacking, just a vanished airplane. Obviously in the last few days we have learned a lot more, and although a good deal of mystery remains I don’t see much reason to suspect UFO’s or wormholes at this point, even if you’re into that kind of thing.


  10. Ryan Jester

    it could have went through a wormhole to another dimension. that may be why we cant find it. and also everyone’s phone was still ringing, if it landed in the water, the phones would go straight to voicemail. wouldn’t it?


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