Too Cozy

It’s a real problem when the ‘news’ is the product of agreement and an unholy consensus, instead of facts.

And we’re not the only ones noticing and/or complaining.

A consensus doesn’t make anything true.  If it did there would be nothing wrong with lynch mobs.  Beyond that, desiring something to be true doesn’t make it true. 

The biggest temptation of power is to conflate one’s own ego-driven conception of reality with reality itself.  The press is probably the most important antidote to that tendency in a nation’s political leaders. 

How abjectly they are failing.  And much of the torrent of wrongful convictions can be laid at the feet of that failure.



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6 responses to “Too Cozy

  1. You know, I’ve read your thoughts and analysis on Jodi Arias and believe she may very well be caught in an unfathomable conundrum.

    I’ve blogged about the trial and Jodi for over a year and am in touch with Jodi through correspondence. The lynch mob is powerful and real. Just recently I took down my blog posts and twitter and facebook because of the unrelenting attacks on me personally, and on every word I have ever written, anywhere.

    Thank you for your thoughtful words and for at least looking at the “other side”.


    • Well, Sandra, a couple of things.

      I’ll miss your commentary, blog and so on. I don’t know whether a bunch of cyber-loudmouths and cretins warrant taking down everything you put up on the internet, but of course it’s your decision. You’re always welcome to comment over here, although I don’t dwell on the Jodi Arias situation all that much.

      But I will say that her case both interests and disturbs me. There’s an occasional commenter here named Jessie and we’ve discussed the problem of someone being present at a horrible crime scene without being guilty of the crime, and how difficult it is to overcome the pall of suspicion in a case like that.

      I’ve thought about taking this blog down, too, but not for a reason like that. I’m indecisive sometimes. 🙂

      Anyway nice you see you again.


      • “Disturbed” comes up a lot in “Jodi talk” for sure. I don’t believe she belongs in jail, but as always, I’m not exactly sure why.

        Well, I am also indecisive! And fickle. And prone to an occasional temper tantrum. So don’t be surprised if I rear up again sometime in the future….:)

        Yes, good to see you, too.

        Write on!:)


        • Honest Abe

          Sandra, you’re not alone in being attacked for questioning the conviction of Jodi. I did battle with people on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with the similar results. The HLN coverage and evening circus re-enactments fueled a lot of the bias. I noticed that some even relinquished their personal identity and adopt the “Justice for Travis” moniker like he was a close relative.

          I followed a lot of the trial and approached it not from the standpoint of whether or not I though she “did it” but whether Martinez proved his case. Personally, I don’t think he did for many reasons which I and many, including John, itemized on this site. However, her case became something to occupy the minds of people and provide a distraction from the doldrums of daily life. Either way, I was extremely disappointed to see how easily people can be swayed to join the witch hunt.

          There is a lot of documentation on the conduct of Martinez and Stephens which should grant her a mistrial but even if she is acquitted, I doubt she will find acceptance in many communities which is a shame.


          • Yes indeed, Abe, anyone who so much as dared question the complete evilness of Jodi was thrown under the bus and backed over for as long as their comment remained visible! And yes, regardless of guilt or innocence, I believe Martinez in no way proved his case. Now that said, had I been in the courtroom and under the intense emotional manipulation of Teflon Juan and the “Alexander Family Showcase”, I can’t say for sure if that would not have swayed me. I’d like to think not, but I can’t say. Also, like John, I cannot deny that Jodi’s behavior at trial and her seeming to both accept the responsibility of killing Travis while at the same time not believing it, disturbs me daily. In fact, it was in those moments when Juan was asking her, “were you crying when you stabbed him?” that I was struck by the feeling that Jodi Arias never harmed a hair on Travis Alexander’s head.


  2. Honest Abe

    The media has become a huge disappointment these days. Every TV network promotes its own agenda whether the topic is Jodi Arias, increases in the minimum wage, or even Obamacare. Terrestrial and satellite radio are even worse.

    Gone are the days where reporters ask probing questions that allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions. We’re told what to think and sadly, many are guillable. Sadly, even NPR has joined the ranks of pushing a myopic view of current events by going so far as to say that those who stream movies or TV shows are to blame for the merger between AT&T and Directv.

    In today’s day and age, money rules and it has infiltrated the media, politics, and our legal system. If you don’t have a substantial amount of money, you may very well be screwed. Just think of how OJ’s criminal trial would be different if he didn’t have the team he did. Lately, corporations seem to be getting in on the act by basically putting attorney’s general on the proverbial payroll to help ensure they can bend the rules without recourse.

    I don’t know where it will end but I would certainly welcome more honest reporting and less propaganda. It not only ruins lives but it’s ruining our legal system and country.


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