Good For Detroit

After the financial “industry” has gutted real, actual productive industries everywhere, but nowhere so much as the Motor City, Detroit is succeeding in putting the shoe on the other foot:

The loudest grumbling has come from some creditors which stand to lose big money if Rhodes approves the bankruptcy plan. Bond insurer Syncora Guarantee has said its claim is about $400 million and that Detroit has unfairly discriminated against financial creditors.


High stakes gambler Bond insurer”.  Please. 

I’m not under any illusions that the public employee pensioners – probably the biggest players in Detroit’s bankruptcy – are paragons of economic virtue, but as between them and bond insurers I have no quarrel with a brush cut for the former and shaved heads for the latter.

Of course after this there will be a flurry of legislative proposals to “reform” municipal bankruptcy law, sponsored by the usual suspects – JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, etc.

But you take your comfort when whatever small measure of justice happens in this world.


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