Project For My Readers

All three of them.

There’s a guy named Piketty who has been making a splash in economics circles with a new book, “Capital in the 21st Century“, which I admit to not having read although I plan to.  It’s probably not as interesting as it might otherwise be because, as I understand it, it’s essentially the kind of redistributionist screed you’d expect from socialists or communists.  But I digress.

In any case, it’s not like socialists and communists are always wrong about everything.  This (h/t Paul Campos at Lawyers, Guns and Money) appears to be a chart from Piketty’s book simply reflecting hard data:


So here’s the challenge for my readers.  In the comments, in a paragraph or two, identify and explain the common thread between what that chart shows and the previous two posts.

The best answer will receive the enviable prize of fulsome praise from the proprietor of Lawyers on Strike.



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3 responses to “Project For My Readers

  1. Zarepheth

    Just a guess, but that chart shows how our society’s double-standard between the rich and the poor is serving the best interest of the rich at the expense of the poor. As this trend continues, the disparity between rich and poor will eventually lead to mass revolts, not just in various 3rd world countries, but right here in the United States.

    Regarding the relationship with the two previous posts, they also dealt with the double-standard between the rich, powerful, “favored” litigants versus everyone else.


    • Well, that’s a pretty good answer, Z. I also think there’s an irony about all this, somewhere, since the only “principle” of utilitarianism is “the greatest good for the greatest number” but putting this into practice results in gross favoritism to a few, more and more as time goes on.

      The essence of the idea of “utility” is that it is unprincipled. It is an especially destructive “philosophy”, if you want to call it that, in the judicial branch of government, where resolving disputes in an unprincipled manner discredits the whole process. When that process gets discredited you’ve lost the major mechanism for the peaceful resolution of grievances. And then yes, revolt. It’s inevitable.

      If you look over at Judge Kopf’s blog post from yesterday, he takes a very mild view of criminal behavior involving abuse of office from a fellow attorney and public official, particularly mild in view of his overall harsh approach to “criminals”. My guess is he no longer thinks much about it, but his methodology is completely unprincipled, at least as an intellectual matter. Going with mere sentimental inclinations, he defaults to favoring people he relates to and being indifferent – at best – to everyone else.

      The degree to which this tendency in judges and the justice system generally is responsible for the phenomenon noted in the graph is probably something that cannot be demonstrated empirically; the truth of it is more axiomatic. But people like Judge Kopf – postivists – deny the existence of meaningful axioms.

      No wonder the system is such a mess.


  2. Rolf Rosendahl

    JMRJ – You see people like Judge Kopf just don’t expect that armed citizens will one day surround their courthouse and refuse to let them enter further rulings. This was exactly what happened in Shays’ Rebellion and just because it is the 21st century, the “causation” is no different. To anyone who does not believe this scenario has been considered by those who come up with such unconstitutional methods, please read a little piece of history called “Rex-84” which was created by our old buddy Lt. Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra scandal. In case you don’t know, the U.S. Government could not prosecute Ollie North without exposing a massive drug-running operation by CIA Chief G.H.W. Bush under Reagan’s nose. Funny, everyone loved the movie, “Clear and Present Danger” with Harrison Ford, but for some reason people thought it was fiction. You should really examine a CIA “front” company called “Southern Air Transport” which flew military C-130’s out of Panama loaded with cocaine bound for various places including Florida, Louisiana, and of course Bill Clinton’s favorite place to “not discuss,” Menna, Arkansas. To those who think that the once 6th largest “civilian” air carrier (with C-130’s) in the world simply “disappeared” in 1993, you should Google “Narco News” and find “Rex-84” on Wikipedia. A Marine invasion of Panama to arrest “Old Pineapple Face,” Manuel Noriega, on drug charges violates every single international code of law we profess, and unreported thousands of civilians died. Unless you think that firing an M-60 tank round down a city street does not kill innocent civilians. The “Enterprise” as it was called is still in business and the “War on Drugs” seems amusing to the guys who ran “Donna Blue Aircraft” company. D/B/A is “funny” if you get caught with 5 tons of cocaine in Yucatan and crash your CIA jet in the jungle painted with “U.S. Homeland Security” markings. Read these “tales” and who was involved and “say it ain’t so.” I have no illusions, hope everyone else is concerned. No pilots or aircraft owners were ever prosecuted in these “incidents” involving U.S. Government aircraft.


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