The Echo Chamber

Very good title.  Wish I could think of titles like that.

Anyway, the subject is the Supreme Court and the lawyers that argue before it.  Turns out it’s a very insular group, much white, much government, much corporate, which should not be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

I might have more to say about this later.  It’s not only an interesting subject, it’s what some people would call “impactful” which is a word that gets tossed around that I never use because, well, it isn’t a word or something.

The idea, at any rate, is that this phenomenon affects the law in profound ways that I’m sure even the participants themselves do not realize.  Or maybe they don’t want to realize it.  Because if they did realize it they would want to see it changed, and since they are apparently the only group that matters if they wanted to change it they could.  So there’s at least one advantage to essentially having a monopoly and being a small, insular group.

Once again, just today, we glimpse two-tiered justice from top to bottom and this, of course is the top.

It explains a lot.


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