Lovely Warren Is Right

Somehow, even a municipality as inept as Rochester, New York should be able to capitalize on having a Mayor named “Lovely”.

At least she’s doing her part:

Here in Rochester, we already know the pain of one of our police officers being killed. The situation in New York City is a reminder of that pain. We also know the pain of losing loved ones to acts of violence.  My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave officers. My prayers are also with the families that lose loved ones on our streets. These killings are senseless.

The taking of any life is wrong. Perhaps now, during this holiday season, it is important that we stop and reflect on what loving each other is all about; for that is who we should be.

During the First World War, in the celebration of Christmas, armies of all nations are said to have come out of the trenches to sing carols together. War stopped and men embraced each other. It was a truly a miracle and life lesson for us all.  We can experience that miracle again.

As we celebrate the holiday season with our children, families and friends, we shall embrace the lessons of love and caring for others. Let us reflect on a message of peace, love and hope.”

I reproduced the statement here because wordpress informs me that few if any of you ever click the links.

I think the reference to the WWI Christmas truce – not that it matters what I think – is quite apt, although I’m sure others will point out its more dramatic and ominous implications.  I think her tone is just right.

A lot of people don’t seem to like Lovely Warren as Mayor of Rochester.  I’m not among them.  She’s got something, if you ask me.

Today is the winter solstice.  The length of the days is bottoming out and I hope the same is true for the unrest that followed in the wake of Ferguson and that last night apparently resulted in the calculated murder of two police officers in Brooklyn.

I don’t know if I can say anything helpful to anyone about any of this at this time.  Patrick Lynch of the Police Benevolent Association has no doubts, though:

“There’s blood on many hands tonight,” PBA President Patrick Lynch told reporters outside Woodhull hospital, minutes after the two officers’ bodies were removed by ambulance amid a silent salute by about 100 police officers. “That blood on the hands starts on the steps of City Hall in the office of the mayor.”

I guess there are some who believe that the Mayor of New York is insufficiently supportive of the police.

Meanwhile, MSNBC reports as a “bombshell” the news we discussed on this blog almost a month ago.

To be fair, what they are calling a “bombshell” is not the fact that one or more of the witnesses lied in front of the Grand Jury, but rather the fact that the prosecutor now admits it.  And this is the media pattern:  it isn’t true unless you have “official” confirmation.  It doesn’t matter how obvious the evidence is on its own.

At some point the role of the press and the judiciary and the legal profession in the deaths of the two officers in Brooklyn will warrant some discussion.

But not today.  I don’t have the mega-certainty of PBA’s Patrick Lynch, or the political agenda either.  I happen to know a good many police officers, including some who have been shot on the job but not killed, and I don’t think today is a day for soapboxes.

Like I said, I think Mayor Warren has it right.



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3 responses to “Lovely Warren Is Right

    • 2dogsonly

      He was paranoid scz. It would be nice if there was talk of this instead of politicizing it. Not one word of mental illness. He had no real issue with NY police. He tried to murder his girlfriend who apparently is still alive. Parents were afraid of him since he was a teen which is when mental illness begins to manifest itself.
      Remember the killer of John Lennen, Hinkley? He said I fought the ” bad voices” but they finally overrode the good voices in my brain.
      I’m retired LCSW. I knew it had zero to do with Eric Garner or police.
      Heartbreaking for police and their loved ones, his family who had no relationship with him, and his girlfriend and her family.


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