Monsters Of The New York Cesspool

Honestly, we don’t know where this all goes at the end of the day, as we say.

Is Preet Bharara really going to systematically prosecute and topple every high ranking state official in Albany?

We’re not saying either that we favor or oppose this federal prosecutorial onslaught.  Perhaps it is necessary, even long overdue.  We are wary, however, of criminal prosecutions as the panacea of the day to any problem, including entrenched political corruption, which is concededly abundant in the capital of the State of New York.

The feds hounded the New York governor from his office almost seven years ago now.  Has it made a dent in the abuse of power and corruption problem in the time since?  Then they turned their sights onto Joe Bruno, the second of three men in a room.  This did not go well.

Now they have Sheldon Silver in the dock, and are training their sights on Dean Skelos.  And maybe this all leads back to the governor – again – only this time not just for a sex scandal.

Maybe it’s a good idea.  Singling out this or that official hasn’t changed a thing, so a scorched earth carpet bombing approach might have an impact.  We’ll see.

But it really tests the integrity of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, doesn’t it?  I mean both the current one and any of his successors.

After all, it might be the ultimate truth in all this that the only way to kill a monster is with a worse monster.  The Southern District of New York has gone down that road before.


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  1. Zarepheth

    Maybe the only way to end the corruption is to put the entire leadership of the government until a bright spotlight. 24/7 video and audio recording of everything they say and do, along with copies of all texts, emails, and recordings of all telephone conversations, posted on a website for easy public review.

    Do this and I’m quite sure most high-level corruption will disappear. If corruption is suspected in mid-level and lower staff, the system can be expanded.


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