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Birth Order and the Justices, over at the SCOTUS Blog.

We’re second born and have devoted some thought to the whole “birth order” psychobabble thing.  Unlike almost all other psychobabble thing, we think there’s some legitimacy to the idea that personalities are, or at least may be, affected by where in a family you are:  oldest, youngest, somewhere in the middle.

We would characterize things differently than the way the article describes.  Our opinion is that oldest or only children are apt to have an authoritarian bent due to an increased sense of hierarchy, whereas middle children have more of a “justice” bent due to an increased sense of fairness.  That is, the oldest first sees parents as godlike figures upon whom he depends, then when a smaller sibling comes along he gets the idea that he is in a superior position to the sibling, thus hierarchy.

Whereas the second first sees the godlike parents, but then also sees another much more like him and thinks like should be treated alike.  So that’s fairness or justice.

Anyway, it’s an interesting article.


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