So the FBI waited them out and no one got hurt.  We didn’t follow the Oregon-Bundy flap closely at all – which is to say, we were dimly aware of it and have some familiarity with the eccentric views of these “occupiers” – but we’re very grateful for the patience and restraint shown by federal officials in the matter.

Charges remain to be resolved and let’s hope the US attorneys are as reasonable as the FBI has been.  An incident like this that ends peacefully can go a long way towards dispelling the notion that the government is always some evil tyrant with whom we should be on the brink of war or rebellion.

The government does sometimes behave like an evil tyrant, of course.  But we should remember that any conflict is better resolved by reason than by violence, and that the tolerance of agreeing to disagree, while unsatisfactory to the more primitive impulse to gain a victory or dominate, is an outcome far more consistent with the behavior of civilized men.

And as we have said many times here at LoS, we like civilization.  The alternative being, you know, barbarism.  There’s way too much of the latter in the world, and thanks to the FBI there’s a little less of it in the US and the state of Oregon today.



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