The first, and most dramatic summary reversal at the SCOTUS today was the one we just wrote about, with a death row inmate getting a new trial.  But it is only another summary reversal, dealing with a hot button issue of the culture wars, that is getting any immediate news coverage.

We question journalistic judgment.  Indeed, journalistic ethics.  The SCOTUS Blog, in particular, should know better.  After all, the mainstream press has to sell, and they sell better by agitating and titillating readers.  But the SCOTUS Blog is supposed to illuminate and educate.  The V.E. v. E.L. case is a routine question of full faith and credit.  The Wearry case has great potential significance.

As we often say, the wrongful conviction narrative, truth aside, is disfavored in the media.  That’s a deceptively large part of the problem.


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