The Never-Ending Fallout

…of wrongful convictions.  This is a poignant story about Darryl Hunt.  The part the gets us here at LoS is where for the rest of his shortened and largely taken life Hunt compulsively visits ATM’s – not to withdraw or deposit money but to document his location at specific times, apparently so as to ward off further false accusations.

Less poignant but just as important is that Darryl Hunt’s wrongful conviction didn’t just harm Darryl Hunt, not to minimize the harm to him it did do.  For one thing his ordeal, even at $1.6 million, was radically under-compensated.  It speaks ill of us that after what we did to him we toss him some small fraction of the revenue for one team generated by one NFL game.*

What that says is that we don’t care about the lives we unjustly ruin by accident.  And because we don’t, we get more accidents.  And even some more that aren’t accidents.

We appreciate that Darryl Hunt spent the remainder of his life giving back, being active in the struggle to right wrongs in the criminal justice system.  But we certainly would not have blamed him if he took his money and left the country to live in obscurity elsewhere, somewhere he wouldn’t have felt the need to prove himself innocent every minute of every day.


  • About $20 million.  Based on sample revenue ($324 million) for one year (2013) for one team (Packers), divided by 16 games.  A very rough estimate, in other words.  Obviously.

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  1. chrishalkides

    When a plane crashes, there is an investigation. When the CJ comes up with a wrongful conviction, there is no equivalent process. A few cases in Australia have generated inquiries (Jaidyn Leskie and Fara Jama), but I don’t know how general this phenomenon is in Australia. Both of these were instances where the DNA evidence was problematic, and it is possible that the unusually high regard that courts and the public hold DNA evidence had something to do with this.


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