Designer Babies – Caveat Emptor?

We guess it had to happen.  You want the smartest, bestest baby ever so you go to the sperm bank and select the specimen with the 160 IQ and an undergraduate degree in neuro-science and a graduate degree in AI only to find out later that it’s a convicted felon with a history of mental illness.

So now there’s a lawsuit. (h/t Turley)  Apparently there are 36 disgruntled customers in the US, Canada and UK.

What must it be like to be one of those 36 babies who, for reasons completely beyond their control, are a source of deep disappointment, anguish and frustration to their mommies?

And what sort of mommies are these?  The mind reels at the dysfunction at work in all this.

We suspect it will be difficult to find a jury sympathetic to anything or anyone in this controversy.  Ugh.


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One response to “Designer Babies – Caveat Emptor?

  1. Zarepheth

    Didn’t they know that people with abnormal IQ’s (in either direction) probably have other problems?


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