The Impeachment Of Trump

Just thought we might cut to the chase on the whole Trump-y thing.  Here’s the dynamic now that the House of Representatives has changed hands but the Senate has not:

The “Mueller probe”, which is not a spacecraft or an uncomfortable medical procedure but rather an anomalous creature of the deep state to officially punish – and more importantly to officially discredit – those it doesn’t like, will finish up with a published report that will variously, and hysterically, and with great media hue and cry, be characterized as “scathing”, “devastating”, and similar such.  And this will form the basis for “articles of impeachment” that originate in the Democrat controlled House and which, you know, at this point they pretty much have to do even if they don’t really want to and know that the Senate (still Republican) will not convict and remove at the trial.

Because, like we said, the discrediting part is actually more important than really punishing anyone, and we all get to say, along with the deep state swamp dwellers, that Trump has suffered the rare “disgrace” of a sitting president to have been “impeached”.

The whole otherwise pointless exercise, in other words, is just so the shrillness that has characterized DC since the beginning of the Trump insurgency can acquire some measure of legitimacy, at least in the minds of swamp dwellers.  Which is not much of a point in the first place, because they don’t need any persuading on that score.

Will anyone else be persuaded?  That’s the only interesting question here.

Our take?  Doubtful.  We don’t think this is just about Trump.


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