Tonsillectomies And “Climate Change”

What’s the connection?  Perhaps some astute reader will figure it out and comment.

We quote:

The tonsillectomy epidemic also fell on my own family according to generation.  My father, born in Norway just after the turn of the century, escaped the procedure entirely, as did most of his generation.  I was not so lucky.  In the late 1930’s my family lived in Bellows Falls, Vermont, and at the age of five I underwent my first tonsillectomy in the local hospital.  I was one of the lucky ones to have my operation in the hospital.  Many of my friends in those Depression-era years were not so fortunate.  Their parents could not afford the hospital, so they had their operations in the school gymnasium during “tonsillectomy day” – a mass surgery event held periodically to ensure that everyone in Bellows Falls who needed an operation received an operation.  Although precise statistics are not available, this apparently meant every child in town.

Emphasis supplied.

Indeed it’s hard to find “precise statistics”.  Indeed it’s hard to to find anything at all documenting the fact – and it is a fact – that mass tonsillectomy days were held in school gymnasiums all over the northeast United States for several decades – roughly the 1930’s to the 1950’s.  Performed on children who were completely healthy and experiencing no symptoms of disease in their tonsils or anywhere else.

Was this a grotesque form of child abuse?  Sure.  Is that what people thought at the time?  Of course not.




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4 responses to “Tonsillectomies And “Climate Change”

  1. Bill Cosby has a skit about tonsillectomy day, i believe it’s the one about “Ice Cream”.

    ah, here it is:

    i believe that both of my parents ( born in the WW2 period ) had tonsillectomies while i and my sister ( born in 67 and 74 ) did not.

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    • The idea was that tonsils were “vestigial”, because “evolution”, and you might as well get them removed before they caused trouble, which is all they were good for. That’s what the “science” told you. It was wrong, of course. “Science” often is.


  2. ARK

    One of my uncles died at the age of 5 due to a tonsillectomy which caused an uncontrollable hemorrhage.


    • Sad. Of course tonsillectomies were sometimes indicated . But the practice of administering them to perfectly healthy children in the school gym was abominable. Thanks for the comment. Sorry about your uncle. Five years old! No one ever gets over that.


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