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They Had The Prettiest Mugshots Ever!

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But it turns out the charges were fabricated by the then District Attorney for political and personal gain.

What are these beautiful Californians supposed to do now?  Their attorney realizes what the problem is:

“I don’t want to be overly dramatic or hyperbolic, but the mere filing of this case has destroyed irreparably two lives,” defense lawyer Philip Cohen told reporters.

“He has become persona non grata with an entire city, an entire state—and I don’t want to be exaggerating—but probably an entire country.”

You see, it’s not unanimous that dropping the charges is the right result:

At least some of the women who accused Robicheaux and Riley maintain they were assaulted.

Michael Fell, an attorney for one of them, told the Los Angeles Times the decision is a betrayal of his client.

“For somebody to report, for them to go through what she had to go through with the police, for the district attorney’s office to file criminal charges, for her to have to be patient the last two years while the case is being prosecuted, only for it to be dropped—she’s going to be devastated,” Fell said.

Maybe it’s never unanimous.  We don’t know.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire, think most people.

Maybe their reality show gig would have caught on as much or more than KUWTK.  But we can never know that now.  All we know is that it turned into a debacle with the criminal charges and now it’s over.

Assuming the truth of the 2nd DA’s contentions, can they be made whole by the 1st DA for his perfidy?

No.  DA’s are immune, no matter what they do to corrupt the process.

Realistically, they have to start a different life elsewhere, as in elsewhere on the globe, not just elsewhere in California or the US.  That requires money.  A lot of it.  And we owe it to them, but because of judge made rules we refuse to pay up.

As others have said, you might beat the rap but you won’t beat the ride.

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