Weinstein Roger Stone Ke$ha/Dr. Luke Narrative Redux

Apparently Weinstein’s lawyer is a “#MeToo Skeptic”.  This designation, we assume, is a Bad Thing in the narrative.

If the casting couch is now a criminal matter instead of just a sordid open secret of the entertainment industry, wherefore is the Ke$ha – Dr. Luke case?  We’ve asked about that beforeRepeatedly.  Why does Weinstein get criminally prosecuted but New York judges won’t even let Dr. Luke get sued for money?

This is a question you ask at your peril.  There is no principled distinction whatever.

And check out this little tidbit about the New York judge deep-sixing overseeing the Ke$ha – Dr. Luke litigation:

Judge Shirley Kornreich, who presided over the trial, is married to lawyer Ed Kornreich, who is a partner in Proskauer Rose, the law firm that represents Sony/RCA.

Sony/RCA is, of course, one of Dr. Luke’s big backers.

Meanwhile, several prosecutors resigned in protest over the Roger Stone affair.  It is big news, because it fits an approved narrative about the corruption of President Trump.  We, of course, tried to resign in protest ourselves, for what were objectively far more compelling reasons, but somewhat inexplicably were not permitted to do so.  And not only was this not news; all discussion of the episode was squelched except on this obscure little blog.

Why is the one resignation in protest a Big Thing and not the other?

This is a question you ask at your peril.  There is no principled distinction whatever.

Some days the incoherence is a bit overwhelming.

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