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SCOTUS Dust-Up (Updated)

Justice Sotomayor complains that the SCOTUS is favoring the government.

But see here.  SCOTUS has been heavily favoring the government for many years. We pointed this out in some detail – gosh – more than six years ago.  Called it an “open secret”.

What’s the truth here?  We don’t mind Justice Sotomayor especially, but she’s being more than a little disingenuous.  The Justices CNN labels “conservative” have it right.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant in the federal judiciary and there have been a slew of judicial injunctions against the government which is totally fucking unheard of a tad rare in historical terms, and the SCOTUS is undoing them a lot, pretty much on request whenever the Solicitor General wants.

There’s nothing unusual about the Solicitor General getting what he wants from the SCOTUS.  There’s nothing unusual about the little guy – Justice Sotomayor cites death row inmates – getting roundly screwed over by comparison, or let’s face it just in absolute terms either.  It’s business as usual at the SCOTUS.

If CNN an other news outlets are going to tout a SCOTUS opinion as being significant, they should tell the story in a balanced way.


UpdateAnother one.  The SG’s office can get a reversal here any time it’s of a mind to. This kind of thing is the reason for the oft cited statistic that this is happening more in Trump’s America. It’s not Trump’s doing; it’s the judiciary’s susceptibility to Trump Derangement Syndrome.



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