Revenge Of The Swamp Creatures

Okay, here is a plausible scenario that’s kind of been lurking out there since this COVID thing started. 

You may have heard here and there that President Trump disbanded the “pandemic response team”. Apparently such a team was established by the Obama administration – in 2015.  Pretty much a brand new thing. Surprisingly, it was not housed in the CDC or the HHS; it was actually housed in…the NSC!  So the “disbanding”, or whatever you want to call it, happens in 2018.

And then of course we have the massive pandemic panic in 2019-2020.

The plausible scenario, then, because of the way swamp dwellers think and act – and especially those associated with the intelligence agencies like the NSC – is “We’ll show them how important we are to national security!”, national security being beyond debate or budgetary restraints once it is invoked.  

Another thing that would be in play once you create a pandemic response team in the NSC is the unholy marriage between the NSC and ……the pharmaceutical industry, which relationship now takes on the character of the defense contractor type companies like Raytheon and McDonnell Douglas, a constant and ever expanding government apparatus commanding ever more funding, contracts and positions of power and prestige for people like Fauci.  It’s like a new iteration of the MIC.  Tantalizing for swamp dwellers!  Some rogue president had better not touch it!! 

But then he did.

In other words, this whole COVID thing is an entirely plausible (although its scope and audacity is pretty unusual) swamp reaction to actual cuts.  Remember how “cuts” in swamp culture refer only to decreases in the rate of increase, and that actual cuts in anything are unthinkable and drive the swamp crazy?

I’m afraid it may be every bit as stupid, petty and basically subversive as that. 

Another tell: Susan Rice. She’s an impressive person in a lot of ways, but she is also…..a swamp dweller on steroids. She could easily take the phrase “Drain the Swamp” as the most pointed personal attack imaginable.

She actually established the “pandemic response team” within the NSC when she was the director.

Now she is certain to be Biden’s running mate.

Got the message, American electorate? This is what happens when you cross the swamp and elect a president the swamp doesn’t approve of.


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2 responses to “Revenge Of The Swamp Creatures

  1. Joe Smith

    It’s possible that the media-Democrat complex didn’t quite realize what a chokehold it had on the Boomer/nuBoomer mind. Or at least what passes for minds in those creatures. Once the powers that be started fomenting against Trump for encroaching on the deep state, they got almost no popular resistance–all the resistance was online, which means they didn’t hear it. So they get crazier and crazier, until they accidentally expose what they really think about things. All technocracy, all the time. And, of course, SJWs don’t have the option of backing off once they’re exposed–they only have lie, double down, and project as modes of discourse. So, predictably, they’re doubling down.


  2. Well, I don’t know if this is generational. But doubling down? Almost more than that by the swamp. They’ve wrecked as much as they dare and now they’re going to foist their candidate(s) on us. Biden, who is at this point completely addled and Rice, who is a swamp dweller among swamp dwellers. Look up swamp dweller in the dictionary you find her picture.

    I could so easily have been a swamp dweller myself.

    They’re completely disconnected from reality at this point. And they’re making themselves more and more obviously the enemy of the people, which is kind of ironic.


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