Two Disbarred Lawyers (Updated)

John Dean and Michael Cohen, featured in this bizarre piece in the Huffington Post.

There really is a Trump Derangement Syndrome, apparently. Then again, although it’s a relatively rare disorder, it’s not new. Why John Dean gets trotted out for his supposed moral insights some 50 years after his 15 minutes came and went; and why any reputable journalistic outlet would actually facilitate Michael Cohen’s disgraceful and ongoing betrayal of his client – whatever you may think of his client – winds up being the same reason: the glorification of the despicable when there is a sufficiently compelling political rationale.

It’s “sufficient” whenever the institutional left (media, government, academia) agrees. The institutional left’s consensus appears to revolve around – wait for it – snobbery. Nixon and Trump had and have this common: that the vitriol directed at them by the institutional left is grounded in the same snobbery that the institutional left feels for those who supported them.

Like most snobs, of course, the institutional left cannot seem to perceive their own lack of grace and class when they engage in gutter fighting, and they are just as oblivious to the damage they do to the body politic with their conduct as they allege the Trumpster to be.

It’s hard to overstate the foundational importance of the principle that a lawyer should not betray a client. It’s as basic as due process itself, except that it is broader in application. It’s like one of those things so basic that it isn’t even explicitly mentioned in, say, the constitution. But it underlies much of what is in the constitution. When the constitution provides for a “right to counsel”, it doesn’t have to go on to stipulate that the “counsel” cannot be a deceitful and traitorous rat fink.

The institutional left is almost worse than Dean and Cohen, cheering them on from the sidelines, even as their reprehensible conduct is in progress. We guess this is because to the institutional left, Trump is literally Hitler. Or at least in their unhinged fury they maintain that.

But it is unhinged. Yesterday, a colleague posted to Facebook a meme to the effect that while Democrats weren’t perfect, the other side is nuts. He should reconsider. Trump may be crass and an inappropriate head of state, but the insanity is more and more coming from, and coming to dominate, the institutional left.

Update: A colleague on FB, a former prosecutor, suggested that the Michael Cohen prosecutors might be disbarred for their role in facilitating the betrayal. We think there is merit to that suggestion. Quite a bit of merit.

And, speaking of Trump Derangement Syndrome, where is the criminal defense bar on the Michael Cohen fiasco? They were so up in arms years ago about any lawyer publicly violating his ethical obligations. Now they are completely silent.

All the rules go out the window when Trump is involved. It’s ridiculous.

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