To Be Clear…

Because sometimes we fall short of that here at LoS, as we maybe just did.

Our position is that the cops, including Derek Chauvin, are bearing the brunt of the consequences of what are really our – that is, the legal profession’s and judiciary’s – failures. And it bothers us that we and our colleagues are getting a pass while the cops are taking all the heat. If the cops are monsters, in other words, we are Dr. Frankenstein.

Moreover, the likelihood is that unlike 99.9% of criminal defendants, Chauvin will have his convictions reversed on appeal after everyone has stopped paying attention. Because he’s a cop. And this is not even cynicism. The system cannot help it. It has no other narrative to fall back on.

The only silver lining in all this is that finally, the shoe is being placed on the other foot. Everyone feels good about that. They shouldn’t.

What’s really needed are new shoes. And we are a long way from realizing that, much less doing anything about it.


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3 responses to “To Be Clear…

  1. Assuming Mr. Chauvinism is not Epsteined.

    I think police get the brunt of it because the ODPs still think many of them are capable of reform.

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