Ke$ha Redux Redux

It goes on, Judah!”

Apparently someone important was reading over here and picked up on the fact – which only we seemed to find significant at the time – that having the wife of a SONY Records’ attorney sit in judgment on the Ke$ha v. Dr. Luke case was, you know, bad optics. So the litigation went to another judge but the result was the same and we’re a little puzzled by the general media silence about it, or why in the #MeToo era the headlines appear to stress that that this is a win for Dr. Luke without dwelling too much on what the case is really about. Because if they dwelt on that they would have to explain why this narrative is being treated so differently than other #MeToo narratives. Which has pretty much been our point all along.

We suppose it does not help Ke$ha’s case that Katy Perry has denied Ke$ha’s allegation that Dr. Luke had also raped her. Meaning Katy Perry. Perry denied this allegation fairly emphatically under oath at a deposition.

Does Perry have a motive to falsely deny the story? Of course. The industry is backing Dr. Luke. The industry is the source of Perry’s fame and fortune. Does that mean that Perry is lying? Of course not. Could she be lying? Sure.

That’s the kind of thing we submit to juries to decide. Or, we used to submit them to juries. But summary judgment, doncha know.

Anyway, this is where things stand now. The saga continues.

Switching gears, but still focused on puzzling media narrative choices, former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been subjected to attorney discipline and his license is suspended. No major media outlet has reported this rather startling development prominently, so far as we can tell. Oh, it’s reported. They always report. You can never accuse them of not reporting. But it’s buried somewhere.

We once harbored high hopes for Mr. Scheniderman. Dashed, of course.

But more to the purpose here: why is the Schneiderman story unworthy of being featured? Or Ke$ha’s? Then on the other hand, Governor Cuomo’s conduct has apparently been an issue for years, and only recently – and quite suddenly – has it become fodder for the news cycle. Why all the silence for so long? Why is the period of silence now over?

We wish we could provide an answer to our readers (all three of them!). We wonder whether political science is involved, as it is in so many other examples of social and institutional incoherence.


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