Revisions, revisions – and a pre-announcement

I want to thank those colleagues and others who have offered criticism of this site and what I am trying to do.  It has provoked thought and reflection, which is one thing it is supposed to do.  I have changed my mind on a number of things and decided some others more quickly than I otherwise would have.

First, I had indicated that I wouldn’t even think of calling for a strike until I had tens of thousands of views to this site.  I think that was wrong and unrealistic.  I’m not that interesting that I can draw that many readers with a few largely tossed off thoughts on this or that subject; and more fundamentally, there are targets of opportunity already out there where the timing seems good to pull the trigger, figuratively speaking.

Maybe the internet and blogs are well suited to this kind of thing, maybe I am too, or maybe not.  There’s no point waiting around for more readers when there’s work to be done.  We may as well find out.

Tomorrow, I’m going to call for a strike against a selected target.

There’s been some concern about how this will work.  Of course I don’t know how it will pan out ultimately, but I’ve decided that for the time being, while the strikes will target a specific judge, I will call for a strike in every court in a given geographical area.  That area will never be smaller than the intermediate appellate district or department where the judge sits, and will generally not be larger than an entire state.

I believe this methodology addresses some of the objections I dealt with yesterday.  In particular, I think it minimizes the danger to clients while maximizing the damage and inconvenience to the powers that be, which is the tactical goal.  I am, of course, open to other suggestions and criticisms.  I probably need them.

With respect to anonymity, I am going to maintain it for the time being.  There are a number of reasons.

First, there is in my estimation a small risk to others, by association with me.  After all, this effort is a swipe at powerful interests.  It may or may not be effective – I hope it is.  But I see no reason to take even small risks with the interests of others when the potential for accomplishing anything good is as speculative as this is right now.

Second, I object in principle to making the writer an issue, rather than the merit of what is said, and far too much of that goes on.  Arguing against the person rather than the ideas espoused is a common logical fallacy known as ad hominem.  I could be an 11 year old hacker in a basement or the second coming of Adolph Hitler, but if I said that a cup is measured as 8 fluid ounces I would be correct no matter who I otherwise am.

Even so, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind, which are lamentably receptive to ad hominem arguments and idle curiosity, compels me to say this much, which for the time being will have to be taken on faith:  I am not an 11 year old hacker in a basement or the second coming of Adolph Hitler.  I am an attorney, although I have tried to resign, in protest, in my primary jurisdiction – twice – and have not been permitted to do so.  I no longer practice and do not intend to, although there are a few lingering things I might do.  There is a long story behind all that, but right now that would simply be a distraction from the present mission.

If the strike that I call for tomorrow is successful, I will fully disclose my identity, since at that point I think the risk benefit analysis goes the other way.  I can also tell my story, for all the good that will do, until people are sick of it, if need be.  I don’t think this should be about me, though.

In the meantime input is welcome, and I do appreciate the interest so far.  Thanks again for reading.

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