Slow News Day

But you see…it never really is a slow news day.

This is so annoying.  We read about all these arrests, taken right off the cop news wire.  This oneThis oneThis oneThis one.

No arrest, however trivial, shall be overlooked.  We run the shaming pics, we cover the perp walks.  Ugh.

Meanwhile, it mught be nice for people to know how they’re being set up to pay another bailout for another costly financial scandal on Wall Street

I mean, front-running Fannie and Freddie?  You know how many trillions are involved there?  Never mind. 

Here’s another little tidbit that has never been reported in the mainstream press:  The New York State Attorney General took the position in federal court that when state prisons’ corrections officers don masks and attack an inmate, outnumbering the inmate 3 to 1, and in the course of the attack spray him with “…a mixture of fecal matter, vinegar and machine oil”, that that is not cruel and unusual punishment.

There is something seriously wrong at the New York State Attorney General’s office.  The name of the Assistant Attorney General who advanced this position is Jonathan D. Hitsous.  His “web presence” is very sparse indeed.

Perhaps that’s a good thing.

In any case, perhaps people in the State of New York might want to know that their Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the state, defends the torture and degradation of inmates in the state prisons, probably for reasons of political expediency.  Not that that matters.

I would call that pretty fucking outrageous, wouldn’t you?  Not just what the corrections officers are alleged to have done, but the Attorney General’s position.

Now, if they made as big a deal out of this incident as they should I have little doubt they would sell newspapers, or whatever the internet age equivalent of that is.  The question, then, is:  why don’t they?

I challenge anyone in the Rochester media to come over here and explain this ugly excuse for “editorial judgment”.


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