Free Joel Rosenberg? Maybe Minneapolis lawyers should strike. (Update)

So, Bennett and Greenfield and Mike over at Crime & Federalism are all over the arrest and pendente lite incarceration of one Joel Rosenberg, “the Jew with a gun” in lieu of $100,000 bail, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mr. Rosenberg is apparently diabetic and may not receive, or may be refusing, proper medication and nourishment while incarcerated.  Moreover, his arrest and incarceration are clearly unlawful, the judge (one Janet Poston) having signed an arrest warrant which was not properly sworn and indeed does not identify what witnesses, if any, presented sworn testimony or affidavits.

This sort of thing is an everyday, routine judicial occurrence, of course.  Judges often don’t read (never read?) applications for warrants; they just sign them.

Then another judge, one Toddrick S. Barnette, set Mr. Rosenberg’s bail at $100,000 even though Mr. Rosenberg has no criminal record, strong ties to the community, family, etc.  Of course this is outrageous, but it, or something like it, also happens to many people all over the country every day.

So, according to Greenfield, Mr. Rosenberg has an “excellent lawyer”, one David Gross.

Fine.  I’m sure he is, if Mr. Greenfield thinks so.

I’m somewhat less sure, but still think it highly likely, that it doesn’t matter how good a lawyer Mr. Gross is.  The case against Mr. Rosenberg already has that look:  it’s a freight train driven by the police, the prosecutors, the judges.  There’s no reasoning with it, no arguing with it.  The “law” simply does not apply.  The case against Mr. Rosenberg is not about that.

In other words, it is a very good example of the kind of judicial-prosecutorial-police collaboration that warrants a strike by the defense lawyer community.  It is not only outrageous, it is at the same time, and somewhat paradoxically, routine and ordinary.  One side – the disfavored side – is clearly right.  The other side – the establishment side – is clearly wrong.  There is no gray area, nothing to really talk about, nothing to argue.  They are coming down on Mr. Rosenberg because they can, and because they are sure that no one will stop them, and because they are also sure they will suffer no consequences whatsoever for their conduct.

I’m here to assist if Minneapolis lawyers want to do something about this.  But again, they will have to contact me.

Update:  Apparently Joel made bail last night.  If you have some spare cash you can contribute to his defense fund here.


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2 responses to “Free Joel Rosenberg? Maybe Minneapolis lawyers should strike. (Update)

  1. Douglas A. Wickstrom

    It’s worse than it looks. In my opinion, the warrant was _literally_ rubber-stamped with Judge Janet Poston’s signature. I have examples of Judge Poston’s signature in my possession, and I’ve seen the warrant. Not only was the warrant not signed, it wasn’t dated. Also, in my personal experience, Judge Poston has a history of not reading what she signs.


    • I know this judge who signed a search warrant authorizing the police to search the house of a friend of his. It didn’t produce anything. The friend later met up with the judge and said: “Judge, what the hell are you doing signing a warrant letting them come and search MY house?” The judge replied: “You don’t think I actually READ those things, do you?”

      True story.


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