George Anthony: Weird As Hell (Update)

Now, I don’t want to run too far with this because I have to admit the guy gives me the creeps and that is not entirely rational.

Back in ’08, the FBI was on the case and George was interviewed.  It comes out that he’s lost a lot of money in some online scam, and that the family has money problems.  Apparently also during this period George was carrying on an extra-marital affair.  And the affair began…right after Casey was arrested.  Completely bizarre.

But there’s also no question that George is pointing the finger at his daughter really, really hard, as he discussed the matter with the FBI.  As a cop, he knows exactly what he is doing.  It’s a reserved, self effacing tone, but what he says couldn’t be much more damaging to his daughter if he just came right out and said he thought his daughter killed his grand-daughter:

George: “I miss looking at the moon and stars with Caylee every night at bedtime.”

The grieving grandfather.  But supposedly, he doesn’t know Caylee is dead yet.  Then again, he goes on to imply very strongly that his daughter killed her:

George: “It all boils down to my daughter knows something. She won’t say anything.”

George: “I know Casey is going away for a long time, but if she talks she can spare herself possible harm from inmates who target people who harm children.”

George:”I don’t know my daughter as well as I thought.”

“Casey’s old friends don’t know her anymore.”

 “She changed after age 20.”

Why does he “know” in November of 2008, before the body of his granddaughter was found, that Casey is “going away for a long time”?  Eerily, that’s pretty much the same thing the defense said he told Casey when he presented her with the body of her dead toddler.

Why would he say that Casey could be “targeted” for harming a child?

Casey “changed after age 20”?  Like maybe she stopped being his surrogate wife?  Or tried to, anyway.  Maybe that made him mad.  Maybe the way for the ex-homicide detective to get back at her is to kill Caylee and frame her for it.

A few people on this thread have criticized the defense for “going too far” in its opening statement.  Maybe Baez didn’t go far enough.

Then again, George supposedly tells his mistress that Caylee’s death was an accident that spun out of control.  So, at the same time he is implicating his daughter to the FBI he is exonerating her to his mistress, also in a fashion he is sure to know will come out.

So here’s another angle:  Caylee died accidentally, and George has orchestrated this sensational case because he can eventually cash in and solve the family’s financial problems.  He implicates his daughter to get her charged, but he plants the seeds for her acquittal at the same time.  A few people get rich and nobody gets hurt.

Oops.  I did run too far with it.  But this is the thing:  it’s often not so much the evidence, it’s how the evidence is interpreted.

Update:  Whereas George Anthony is trying mightily to get his daughter charged with murder or kidnapping by the feds, it’s all peaches and cream when he talks to her in the jail, where he knows the conversation is being recorded and will be used at her trial:

Another key to Anthony’s defense is that she’d been repeatedly abused by her father, George Anthony.

But in the jailhouse tapes, the relationship between father and daughter seems anything but hostile.

George is heard saying to Casey, “Good morning, Beautiful, I love you.”

“Hi, I love you too. … I can’t say this enough to you,” an emotional Casey said. “You’ve done everything you possibly can. And you are the best father and by far the best grandfather I have ever met. I mean that with all my heart.”

“If I could switch places with you this second,” George said, “I’d do it. I would do it.”

“I know that.”

“Believe me, I would.”

The idiot talking heads are missing the real story here.  They keep harping on how “damaging” these jailhouse tapes are to the defense; meanwhile, George Anthony is giving the defense a gold mine of what we call “impeachment” evidence.  What underlies that conduct on his part – something truly sinister or simply a crass effort to cash in on his granddaughter’s death, or something even more bizarre – is an open question.


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  1. skid

    I think he said hello gorgeous, which seemed a little off to me at the time, still does, that is more like something you say to a girlfriend.


    • Skid: very good, BUT…

      Notice how everything gets colored by what we know otherwise when there’s a dead child. If some other father used pet names like “gorgeous” or “beautiful” to his daughter, I think the most you would say is that it’s “a little off”, precisely what you said.

      It seems so much more significant when there’s a big sensational trial surrounding everything, but that doesn’t mean it definitely is. It may be, though.

      The reason I bring that up is, apply the same thinking to all the stuff they are throwing at Casey Anthony. Beyond that, imagine all the actions and conduct that would otherwise seem innocuous that can look like, or be made to look like, something more sinister and ominous, once there’s a dead body in the neighborhood.

      The defense then has to explain it all away. Very, very tough job.


  2. bluebird

    As a victim myself, I noticed the “hello gorgeous” comment right away.


  3. skid

    The whole family is off, not just Casey. I have wondered if the prosecution is corrupt, lazy or stupid many times. It doesn’t appear that they have done much in the way of investigating Ma and Pa. They LIE as much as Casey, why aren’t they being investigated and charged with a crime?

    I am so sick of the media peddling the poor victimized grandparents bullshit.
    I think jobless George is the father of Caley, is probably the murderer, is framing Casey, just can’t understand why Casey would go along with such a lame kidnapping story. So easily disproved.


    • bluebird

      It’s clear Casey is not very smart. Maybe she just believed her dad and he would take care of everything.


    • Val Fahey

      Someone with eyes the size of saucers and a very round face is the father of Caylee.


    • I am glad to see someone other then me is seeing the same conclusion! George’s body language, the way he responds saying things like.. i don’t recall, this is the best I can do at this time and get so offended with the defense questions. He HAS to be the father of Caley. It is UNBELIEVABLE he didn’t know his daughter was pregnant. It Makes NO sense he was in the delivery room. It makes NO sense it didn’t occur to him not to as who the father of Caley was. She may have died as he was sexually abusing her. He told Casey she had drowned. And since he had raped and killed Caley, he couldn’t call 911. That why he didn’t call! the police!!! There was NO drowning but MURDER! He tried to bury her in the backyard, sending Casey away with this lie..buying time. Then he framed her. Starting his devious plan by reporting his stupid gas cans stolen. Casey still to this day doesn’t realize that. This how sick this family is.
      Of course this theory is all speculation on my part but it does make the most sense to lil old me.


      • April

        “He HAS to be the father of Caley.”

        Didn’t FBI test Lee’s DNA to see if he is Caylee’s father? If Lee is not the father but George is, wouldn’t the test have given some sort of partial match (because Lee’s DNA and George’s DNA are similar in many ways)?


        • April

          FWIW, here’s a web page that says George ain’t Caylee’s father. It’s complete Greek to me, of course.


          • April, thank you for that. I did not know the answer to that particular speculation. I thought maybe George would be excluded if his son was so they didn’t bother testing him, and maybe that’s true but of course it’s not my area of expertise, to put it mildly.


          • Fascinating. Well there goes my theory right out the window. But i still believe the family isn’t as amazing and supportive as they want to appear. I get a very yuky feeling in my gut when i see either George, Cindy or Lee. All great liars and manipulators themselves. Knowing they are actually in the middle of negotiations with movie companies and book editors is sickening. In the end NOBODY knows who killed Caylee. George and Cindy will get rich based on SPECULATIONS about their OWN daughter. Does anyone even realize how disgusting that is? And killing Caysee won’t give any answers. She should be incarcerated in a high security mental hospital. But not in jail as if she was normal. She will only become more and more psychotic in which case the death chaamber will be her only deliverance.
            If a blind person kills a child, should he be charged as an usual criminal? Mental illness is the same. People think it is a choice. Do you decide every morning to see as opposed to be blind? No. We do not control that.


            • April

              “But i still believe the family isn’t as amazing and supportive as they want to appear. ”

              Could it be they want to be supportive, but they are bound by what they already said in the past (which they may have said in the heat of the moment without much thought)? Or, there could be multiple conflicting emotions in play, some at one time, and some at another. Cindy, for example, washed some clothes and got rid of some evidence. But she also called the police and complained of a death smell. There seem to be concern for granddaughter and anger at daughter at one time, and concern for daughter at another time. I think the inconsistent behavior is the ‘normal’ behavior – that’s what people do when they are not doing things with a plan in mind.

              “Do you decide every morning to see as opposed to be blind? No. We do not control that.”

              Unlike a physical illness, a mental illness cannot be detected in an autopsy. It ultimately comes down to someone’s opinion whether someone is ‘mentally ill’ or not. And you see the psychologists and psychiatrists keep adding to the list of ‘mental diseases’ year after year after year. Almost every conceivable behavior is now part of some disorder or disease.

              People lie all the time, and some even do it habitually. To some, lying is just an easy way of getting what they want. Casey’s lying could just easily be the work of a normal person. Casey could have killed Caylee for ‘normal’, selfish reasons. If there is independent evidence of serious and ongoing sexual abuse, then you could infer Casey is what she is because of what is done to her. If the only evidence of sexual abuse is Casey’s claim that she was abused, then I think that’s no good – she is just too unreliable.


              • If the only evidence of sexual abuse is Casey’s claim that she was abused, then I think that’s no good – she is just too unreliable.

                Pretty good deal for the abuser, though. Usually the only evidence of the abuse, which is done in secret, is the word of the victim; but then the word of the victim becomes unreliable through the very act of the abuse because of its collateral effects. How to deal with this conundrum? Not easy.

                Sloppy thinking is also a real problem here (not with you, April). If you bring up the abuse, you’re not arguing that the abuse excuses murdering the child, you’re only explaining other behaviors of the defendant that might otherwise justify an inference that she murdered the child. That’s an important distinction. But if by some miracle the defendant is found not guilty here, those that were calling for her head will claim that she “got off” with the “abuse excuse”. There will never be an exoneration here, just like there wasn’t with OJ Simpson. He would have been well advised to leave the country and never return. And if Casey Anthony is acquitted I would recommend the same thing to her.

                To some, lying is just an easy way of getting what they want. Casey’s lying could just easily be the work of a normal person.

                The demonstrated fact that lying of a truly pathological nature was going on well before the little girl’s death cuts pretty strongly against this conclusion.

                Not to mention, how is the hoax that you are employed when in fact you are not pulled off – for about two years, apparently – as over and against the people you reside with? If you are employed you are supposed to have money. What did Casey do for money? You could suspect that George knew she was unemployed and helped her out without Cindy’s knowledge – essentially aided and abetted Casey’s deception of Cindy. Which of course would also be consistent with….


              • April

                “The demonstrated fact that lying of a truly pathological nature was going on well before the little girl’s death cuts pretty strongly against this conclusion.”

                You say pathological, I say excessive. (I may have said pathological earlier, but I was speaking loosely. I didn’t mean to imply an underlying pathology.) People that had normal childhoods and normal lives until a certain point do start engaging in destructive behaviors. Normal people get addicted to gambling, video games, porn and other stuff all the time. (Depending on the consequences, they get free of these addictions by themselves a lot of the times too.) Engaging in excess doesn’t imply that abuse is the underlying cause.

                Casey Anthony is someone that realized at a young age the benefits of lying. So long as lying worked to her benefit, it only made sense for her to repeat the behavior. Over a period of several years, she has gotten accustomed to lying, and she has also gotten good at getting what she wanted by telling lies. She took pride in her craft (of manipulating people by telling them good lies). It looks like this is the first time she had to face the consequences of her actions.

                “If you are employed you are supposed to have money. What did Casey do for money?”

                Casey did steal on some occasions. She could be getting money from her boy friends. George could be helping her out too, as you point out. George could be a bad parent without sexually abusing her, of course.

                I bought into the sexual abuse theory after I saw what Casey said in the courtroom about Cindy: “[Cindy] is here to protect [George].” This was said in jury’s absence, and I thought it was more believable as a result. After some thought, I realize it could be understood in a different way. Baez’s opening statement could just be a restatement of what Casey herself told him and her other attorneys. Casey’s remarks about Cindy could just be a reinforcement of what she told her attorneys earlier. In other words, she could have been just lying to her attorney, and we just happened to catch her in the act. There’s no reason to think it’s any more credible than any of Casey’s other words.

                “Usually the only evidence of the abuse, which is done in secret, is the word of the victim; but then the word of the victim becomes unreliable through the very act of the abuse because of its collateral effects.”

                Different people react differently to abuse, of course. Some victims could get into the difficulty you mention.


      • Gigi

        I totally agree with your comments


      • Fiona

        I think that too. Maybe not raped and killed. Maybe, he was starting on her, she got away, and fell in the pool. After all, rape and kill is a one-time thing, an abuser like this would want several years from her, now that Casey has changed after age 20, ie, got too old.
        That explains why he wanted to pretend it was a murder. Children drown all the time. But George is an ex-cop, he knows there’d be questions. I tend to think there were give-away bruises on Caylee, fingermarks on the inner thighs, scratches on the vagina, that sort of thing, the cops would see it at once. They’d know Caylee ran away from Granddad. But, put her in a bag, add duct tape, silence Casey with threats and with the habits of obedience she still has for her abuser, then if she is found, it will look like someone else’s sex crime. It explains absolutely everything.


      • chelsea

        i agree. i have always thought that caylee died while being molested by george. i also think he is the father of caylee. i believe he then placed caylee in the back of caseys trunk (remember he had a set of keys to her car) and then threw her out in the woods. this then made casey the prime suspect because her car smelled of death. george is a pig and needs to be on trial


  4. April

    “But there’s also no question that George is pointing the finger at his daughter really, really hard, as he discussed the matter with the FBI.”

    May be he was worried he would be lumped along with Casey if he didn’t forcefully separate himself from her in FBI’s eyes. The body wasn’t discovered then, but Casey was already charged with murder. Based on what he saw until then, may be he suspected Casey caused Caylee’s death in some way. (And why wouldn’t he? Just look at all the lies she told the police!)


  5. bluebird

    It could be the reason Caylees body was disposed of in such a manners to leave no evidence. Grosminet wow. It actually does seem more plausible than Casey deciding to chloraform the kid and then suffocate her with duct tape. Defense is about to start, do you think they know who the father of Caylee is?


    • Yes, I think the father of Caycee is George. After watching Cindy on the stand, pretending she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant, never took her to obgyn before 19yo, thought she may be having an ovarian cyst and said TWICE she had bad periods (the girl was freaking pregnant!!). In my opinion she is seriously mentally ill. Like Casey. Living in worlds of illusions and denial. She didn’t pursue any lead about the so-called fathers and was so uncomfortable during all the questions from the defense regarding paternity.

      I don’t know of any paternity test done with George which is EXTREMELY suspicious. If they publicized that there was one with Lee then they would with George. Because the guy can’t take this anymore, he wants to be cleared at all cost. George has a good lawyer and most likely opposed to it somehow. George found his way to be excluded from witness seclusion (which is surreal to me btw) .He knows what to do to get what he wants. Look where he is now. Don’t you see that he can almost smell the victory and get so angry at the Defense? To me, their stories are written all over their face.

      I honestly think the Anthony family is sadly composed of equally very very sick people.


      • chelsea

        i agree. no way would cindy being the way she is not immedietly question casey on who the father was. any parent would want to know. and her saying it was a cyst! if it were a cyst it was huge and needed medical attention right away. no way she really thought that. she didnt want casey going to the obgyn because she didnt want to take a chance of them finding out she was molested or that george was the father. if the father was someone else dont you think these money hungry people would of been cashing in on the state. casey would of been getting food stamps etc if it had been. the reason why she didnt is how would she go apply and say my dad is the father. LOL. and that shows anohter reason why casey never really got attached to caylee. it would be hard to get attached to a child that was made due to incest. the whole family is messed up and now cashing in on poor caylee


  6. skid

    “She may have died as he was sexually abusing her. He told Casey she had drowned. And since he had raped and killed Caley, he couldn’t call 911. That why he didn’t call! the police!!! There was NO drowning but MURDER! He tried to bury her in the backyard, sending Casey away with this lie..buying time. ”

    Now THAT makes sense


  7. This trial is starting to make me sick. Its has less and less to do with Casey Anthony. Its the judge defending the FBI, the police department, the state, the government.


    • bluebird

      The prosecution’s cross on the bug expert made me a little ill. The expert was a mild mannered man, clearly a science man. The harshness of Mr. Ashton felt more like intimidation than anything else. I do not know how it played to the jury, but the bug expert was extremely likable.


      • Yes, note for trial practice. I am often shocked at how members of the mainstream legal profession misapprehend the effectiveness of cross-examination. It may be just my opinion, but the most effective cross is polite and low-key, where damaging admissions are obtained without fanfare. The meaning of those admissions is made clear or emphasized not in the conversation with the witness, but in the closing argument. That avoids turning the cross examination into an unpleasant scene which tends to alienate jurors. The prosecution, of course, can get away with an aggressive and obnoxious cross but that doesn’t mean they ought to, even in their own interest.

        The defense cannot get away with one. Even when it works, it is just as likely to backfire because it diminishes any affinity the jury might feel for the lawyer.

        That might not be as true for an all male jury, because such a jury would be more impressed with a display of power. But an all male jury is so bad for a criminal defendant in the first place that you can hardly make up for the disadvantage by demonstrating your “power” on a “blistering” cross examination.

        If you concede in advance that the jury should decide the case based on who has the more powerful presentation, that’s a contest the defense in a criminal case cannot win. The closing argument is where you get to reason with the jury. You can passionately argue your position at that point without browbeating them or anyone else, and if they agree with you, you win the case.


      • Yes the bug guy was awesome, smart, concise and his naive reactions to Ashton were a pure delight quite honestly. Baez needed him so much. Is it only me or does the judge is favoring the state over the defense over and over again? How can a trial be fair if the judge isn’t? Scary thoughts.

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    • The judge thinks that’s his job. They all think that.


  8. Another winning day for the defense. Saturday’s witness was fantastic! At last, an expert witness that had the balls to tell Ashton he was insulting his profession and experience!! Prosecution and Perry are so condescending, its about time someone said something back since Baez can’t say anything without being reprimanded. What a joke for the prosecution to ask for an autopsy “protocol” stipulating that it is not require to examine anything above the shoulders on a body. I can’t wait to see how Baez will explain the “lack or remorse” and why she didn’t report the disappearance of her daughter for 30 days. Because at the end of the day, this is what the jury will look at since there is DNA or anything linking her to the crime.


    • bluebird

      And since Dr. Spitz, the media spin is slightly off kilter. CNN had a decent piece almost getting the facts of the trial events correct without biased commentary. Fox news also claimed a similar story using “renowned expert”….shoddy autopsy etc…. You probably saw the stories. I also read some Orlando papers and mainstream news that talked about Atty. Ashton going too far, overboard, and possibly losing the jury, when he crossed the bug expert. There was no reason for him to do that. It did not sit well with me. I’ve also heard analysts talking about how the prosecution looks visibily hot and bothered since the defense has been presenting this case. What I have not heard enough about is the testimony from the FBI(?) who said that the garbage bags found with the remains are not the same as the garbage bags found in the Anthony home. She ws able to tell because of the way the bags were manufactured or something like that.


      • I don’t live in the US so I wasn’t brainwashed by the media about this case. All this is new to me. I am avoiding reading any news reports about the trial until the verdict is in. I guess I am playing jury and I am loving it. Baez needs to start bringing in psychiatrists, witnesses that can testify to her good nature, the dissociation that started happening when George was molesting her, her imaginary world she built to escape the horror of her life. Why did she lie everyday for 2 years saying she was going to work? Because George said he started working at 2:30pm. So if she wasn’t working, staying home…there he was, abusing her, brainwashing her, driving her crazy. So she invented this story, invented a job, an identity which she never had… and she started to believe it. It was her refuge, her salvation, the only place she could go to escape. Which brings me to thinking that the too simple drowning scenario is not good enough because someone had to put her in those bags. Baez needs to say who it was. Why was the drowning hidden… because George killed her while abusing her? I fear that without a complete story that makes sense, they will send her to the death chamber. And the crime is too sensational for be a mistrial. He needs to explain her “lack of remorse” SOON and make the jury want to “SAVE” her.
        * btw the judge today was so irritating!! I thought Baez did so well…


  9. I meant when the is NO DNA*


  10. I meant to say: when the is NO DNA*


  11. Comment from LA Times blogs:

    Dr. Werner Spitz stated that in 50 years of practice he could not recall a single intra-oral fatality which was not a suicide. The prosecutor might ask Dr. Spitz what type of intra-oral suicides he can recall. Can Dr. Spitz recall an intra-oral suicide by a woman? Can he recall a intra-oral suicide by a woman in a house where she had never been before? Can Dr. Spitz recall an intra-oral suicide by a woman in a house where she had never been before after sexual contact with a man she had meet for the first time hours before? (Phil Spector’s DNA on Lana Clarkson’s breasts indicate sexual contact.) If Dr. Spitz cannot recall an intra-oral gunshot suicide by a woman in a house she had never entered before after sexual contact with a man she had met hours before, Dr. Spitz cannot recall a sucide similar to the Lana Clarkson’s alleged suicide.


  12. Jazz

    -If I were unfairly accused in front of the whole world of molesting my own child, I would be more vehement in denying it when the time came in court to do so. I would make sure the world heard my denial loud and clear. What did we get? “I would never hurt her in that way”…is that the best he can do?? Where’s the passionate denial of an innocent man?
    -Suicide? So he is capable of murder then. Murder of himself, maybe, but it’s still murder, pre-meditated and cold-blooded. It’s illegal for a reason.
    -Buying guns? Allegedly bought to exact the truth from Casey’s friends about Caylee’s fate? Caylee’s John Wayne to the rescue! I don’t buy it. Casey was the one who wouldn’t say anything – did he try the gun on her? If not, why not? He’s nuts enough to end his life to go “be with” Caylee, so what’s a little more gun-waving? (Suicidal, and buying firearms at the same time? Oh, dear. I thought you needed to be sane to buy firearms.)
    -Having affairs? Or at least heading over to a vulnerable woman’s home in his free time? How is this different from Casey’s form of release? Shopping, drinking… this is normal distraction from pain. She’s young and dumb and from a family of liars – any behavior is possible.
    -I’ve never heard of a man killing himself because his granddaughter died. I’m surprised by how many people are buying his pathos like it were the gospel. He wanted to die to be with his granddaughter? Yeah, right. He wanted to die because he was afraid of what the future held for him. And he’s willing to say sorry, Cindy, woman and partner of my life, have a note. See ya, first born. I prefer to be with my granddaughter in the afterlife – it sounds like a better time. I also can’t believe how many people sympathize with him and don’t think he is weird and abusive in wanting to ditch his live wife to go be with a deceased little girl.
    -If he did abuse Casey, Casey’s lack of compassion for him as he bawled on the stand would make perfect sense. He seemed to me to be crying out of guilt, and fear for himself.
    Maybe she googled this and that, but she denied googling the most incriminating bits, like neck-breaking. So many commentators’ reactions were to excuse her for lying in court to “save” her daughter from death, but she didn’t claim the neck-breaking, so she didn’t really do the saving. Cindy was willing to lie about the lesser evil, but drew the line with the most evil – that she wouldn’t claim to save anyone. The question still remains, who googled neck-breaking?? I do not hear any remarks about this from the media

    ON BAEZ: How did it happen? How did he get this job? How did he pass the bar?

    There is no definitive proof that Casey killed Caylee, only suspicion, yet Florida might very well end a young woman’s life to satisfy a damning public.
    If the USA would let the world see us sanctioning the murder of a young person who obviously has major psychological problems, we should have made sure that that young person had a defense team that argued at least as well as the defense lawyers we see in movies.


  13. The truth will set you free!

    I feel some relief reading your (Jazz) comment. George Anthony gives me the creeps. He knows exactly how to act and what to say to get the results he wants. I think George is the one who googled those words, especially the word chloroform. He either wanted to use it on Caylee or Casey. He wanted to have his way with Casey and hopefully not Caylee too. He has some serious, deep emotional problems. This guy has his image to protect. To the world, he appears to be this broken-hearted grandfather. It is ok for him to cheat on his wife with another woman. He would return to her place many times but when he is questioned on the stand about her, he not only denies it but his reply is something like, “no, that’s funny. Ah, I don’t know if you know about Ms. Holloway but she has a ________ past”. I know that wasn’t word for word, but, it was ok for him to go over to her place and use her as long as no one would find out. For the world to know that he was with her intimately is beneath him. This guy is a trip! He is deceiving everyone especially his wife. He couldn’t handle her knowing that he has more to do with Caylee’s death than anyone has heard!! Shame on him. I doubt that we will ever know. So sad that his daughter is going to have to pay for everything so he can keep his image.

    And the Judge!! Give me a break. This guy is rude. However, he is not as rude as the prosecutors. They are arrogant and condescending.

    In a few hours, we will see what damage has been done to the defense. Sad, very sad.


  14. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, you have just watched George’s trial. Verdict: Guilty! Baez was right. The question remains if the jury will go with their anger & emotions or rather their logic & reason.

    I was so exasperated listening to the state closing today. Full of disdain & denigration to make up for their lack of evidence. And don’t even let me start on JP! This trial has proven that the justice system isn’t fair. Now the jury will reveal if we, as citizens, we can do better.

    I wish the defense could have brought into evidence mental health reports to explain her lack of remorse and have an expert psychiatrist on the stand. Because at the end of the day, that is the biggest hump.


  15. laura

    This is an outrage! Casey has the double jeapordy clause, What about George? Cant somebody do something! The damning fact that he poured cement in his back yard remodel during this time and his sloppy gas can work is the red herron. Yes! Casey is a scapegoat, even if she is guilty of lies. How can the USA let George walk without DNA testing, So they cremate the angel and dump her body in the woods to rot. What is done in the dark will come to light! There has to be justice for Caylee. Nobody talked about Georges searches on the computer forensics for porn,escorts, his affairs,gambling, here is your formula Lies-Deceit-Rape = Murder backed by Pride,shame and guilt. Who is going to pay the price?


    • Well Laura, what can you do? The “authorities” prosecuted the wrong person, didn’t wait until they had a solid case because there is always that pressure to get someone. Now even if they go after the right person people just ask “Why don’t you make up your minds?”

      Anything in particular get you riled up about this subject today?

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  16. This is one possible theory, which I’m not claiming actually happened. But an opinion based on evidence that came out in Casey’s trial.

    We all heard that George molested Casey, but wasn’t proven. I think one morning Caylee did what she has done every morning, got up before Casey and went into George’s bedroom, But on this morning George started molesting Caylee like he has always done, except this time George got to rough and Caylee started screaming. Therefore George took a pillow and put on her mouth and continued. Once he had finished and took the pillow away from Caylee’s mouth he noticed she wasn’t breathing.

    At this point George has two options opened to him, Option 1: Call 911 they revive Caylee the whole Casey issue is gone and Caylee is alive. But also would find out that Caylee had been molested. Therefore that option is off the table.

    Option 2: Which really isn’t impossible, George takes Caylee to the pool and puts her in it and goes by to bed. Casey gets up and while looking for Caylee goes into her father’s bedroom and ask if he has seen Caylee, of course he says “NO”! This is where Casey goes in the front of the house and of course George goes to the pool. When Casey comes back her father is holding Caylee and screaming at Casey “Look at what you’ve done, you’re going rot in jail for a long time”. Then George proceeds in telling Casey that he can help her and that he would take care of it. But tells Casey to act normal like nothing ever happened and to go on doing what she would normally do every day. Possibility out of fear of having neglect charges she goes along with this. And of course her father being an ex-cop he would know how long it would take a body to decompose. I believe this is where the 31 days comes into play. Not only is George trying to cover up what he did, but I believe he also was setting up Casey to take the fall. By placing Caylee near the house and not far from the road and surely not buried where Caylee may have never been found.

    And again, I don’t claim any of this actually happened. However, it isn’t impossible


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